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Rules-Must Follow! Empty Rules-Must Follow!

Post  SparkyKat101 on Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:21 pm

Here are the Rules. You must follow them, or banning will be right around the corner. >D

We don't like..
•Posts that offend someone, or posts with any abusive or vulgar language. Automatic ban.
•Posts that are off topic(besides the OTT). Warning if you do post off topic.
•Posts that have to do with religion, politics, or any racist or sexual comments. Auto-Ban.
•Topics that are similar to others. (Such as "What are you listening to?" and "What music are you listening to?", etc)
•Topics that are made for self-pity or attention. That's shallow.
•Topics that are in the wrong forum.
•Ban-hopping. (When you get banned, and you create another account.)
•Complaining why your topic was locked/trashed.

Follow them, and you may be promoted to Moderator. Very Happy

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