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Jade the werewolf! Empty Jade the werewolf!

Post  Jade5885 on Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:50 pm

Werewolf Form-
Age(or Ageless): 2 years
Gender: female
Descriptive Appearance: pure black wolf with extremely long, delicate legs. Sleek fur coat, and bright neon green eyes that seem to almost glow in the dark. Long and slender body, with a sharp snout. Her apperance is magical and enchanting, almost haunting.
Powers/Abilities?: Can use energy and will power to help heal any individual of any sickness or injury, though this power is limited and if used enough can kill Jade. Also can sense emotions and control them, but this is also limited.
Do you walk on 2 or 4 legs?: Both.
Eye Color: Bright neon green.
History: After being attacked in the woods by a werewolf, Jade was transformed into a full wolf, and taken care of a pair of wolves until she healed and went back to human. She then killed her parents on a full moon, and the authorities put her in a foster home, until she was old enough to move out. She still fears that on a full moon she will lose control and murder someone.
Personality: Daunting and fearless, and some what aggressive. extremely loyal and protective, though you have to give her a reason to protect you and be loyal to you in the first place.

Human Form-
First & Last Name: Jade R. (Rose) Violet
Skin Color/Heritage:pale white/ american
Hair Color:it is a dark, shiny black that hangs to her mid-back, only two pieces on the side tied together in the back.
Eye Color: Emerald green
Clothes: A black, lacy dress that goes to her mid-thighs, with black leggings. Black lace arm-warmer things, and a black diamond necklace with a glittering black diamond rose. She has regular (slightly beaten up) black sneakers that lace-up to just below her knees.
Personality(or, if same as Werewolf Form, write 'same as above'): Shy and quiet, soft-spoken, wishes she could have friends, but chooses to be alone because she is afraid to hurt some one. Jade is kind when spoken to, but goes away as quick as possible.
History(or Life Story): After killing her parents at age 12, Jade was put in a foster house. She endured it until her eighteenth birthday, when she moved away to this new town, leaving all behind all the bad memories. She hopes that she might meet another werewolf that can control it, and one that under stands her.
Girl or Boyfriend/Spouse:none


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