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Post  SparkyKat101 on Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:43 pm

This is where I posted a guide on being a Werewolf. Now, I know every Werewolf is different, but this is just a guide to help being an average one.

Imprinting is when a Werewolf(can be male or female) finds his/her soulmate. After so, he/she is extremely attatched to the human/werewolf, and will help and protect them at all costs. If you are imprinted on a baby, you will treat it like it's your younger brother/sister. As a kid, you play and care for him/her. If he/she is close to your age, you fall in love with him/her, and you act like he/she is your biggest crush. One day, you might even be married! If you are imprinted, you must act like you are, such as an example below:

John has just ben imprinted to Jessica, and Jess is about 10 years old. John is 19, if he aged. Here's how John treats Jess:

Jessica just fell down and broke her ankle. Let's see how John reacts:

Jess: Ow! My ankle! Ow..
John: Jessica! Are you ok? I'll get you an ice pack..
*John runs off before Jess can respond and gets the ice pack*
John: Now, don't worry sweetie.. it's all ok.. I'm here..
*Jess breathes slowly and deeply, and calms herself*
Jess: All.. ow.. I'm ok now..
John: Here, I'll carry you to the house.. Don't worry.

As you can see, John cares deeply about Jessica. Maybe too deeply. Anyway, that's my information on imprinting. I got the idea from the Twilight books.

Other Tips~

Werewolves do not age. When you first become a werewolf, you don't age at all, even as a human. When you are not a Werewolf for a long amount of time, you start to age again. Simple as that.

You can make someone become a Werewolf by biting them, in your Werewolf form. Another way for someone to become a Werewolf is by inheritance.

Everyone who is or knows about Werewolves are told never to give away their secrets to any person, unless they are imprinted to that person. All who dare oppose that rule will be killed, or worse.

This is a partial fantasy Roleplay, so your Werewolf may have one power.

Give me ideas and suggestions. Constructive critisism is accepted.

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