The singed ruins

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The singed ruins Empty The singed ruins

Post  wulphi on Sun Mar 29, 2009 3:39 am

The singed ruins lies in the Forest of Whare like a black heart. The stumps of charred wood are dotted as far as the eye can see, only a thin strip of dark green on the horizon proves that it is actually in a forest. Many lengendary battles have been fought here including the Battle of the blood was fought here between the werewolves who wanted to protect humans between the werewolves who wanted to protect humans and the werewolves who wanted to iradicate them. The battle was over the power of the elements and the lunastone which, legend says, can be almost controled by the Lunastone. The elements which they fought over so passionatly ended up destroying them. The battle was lost for both sides after an onslaught of fire, earth, water, wind and ice. Fire was the main decider of the battle,it spread formover five kilometres squared. There were some survivors who decided to chronicle the event and from then on the ruins lay there, impossible of surporting life, but there as a momentuum of all the wolves who perished in one of the greatest battles in wolfen history.

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